Gold – Where To Find Gold, Where Is Gold Found? A Love Story About Gold


Gold Nuggets – The Ultimate Love AffairIt wasa barmy scorching hot day somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean, a rathernondescript vocation where the ocean waves heaved and sighed in theirrelentless ri. Gold – Where To Find Gold, Where Is Gold […]

Gold Nuggets – The Ultimate Love AffairIt wasa barmy scorching hot day somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean, a rathernondescript vocation where the ocean waves heaved and sighed in theirrelentless ri.

Gold – Where To Find Gold, Where Is Gold Found? A Love Story About Gold

Gold - Where To Find Gold, Where Is Gold Found? A Love Story About Gold

Gold Nuggets – The Ultimate Love Affair

It wasa barmy scorching hot day somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean, a rathernondescript cranny where the ocean waves heaved and sighed in theirrelentless ramp and nosedive A single whit a tiny droplet of waterwithin the ocean felt itself being taut upwards towards the everincreasing strong decorate above, to onslaught on it’s revolution an amazingjourney, until now untold, a feelings affair between the elements, whichwould result in one extremely jocund individual like you, holding in theirhand, one of the most precious gifts recognized to partner and a lifelongcherished memory of behalf and convivial times

Upon breaking thesurface of the ocean, the particle of dampen felt itself being lifted upand away from the surface which was passive heaving beneath Along withbillions of more matching particles of water, this molecule felt itselfrising higher and higher until the ocean home it had confessed for so longwas now far, far below.

Swirling on the winds above, the feelingwas very much alike to being in the watery deep which so far had beenit’s only memory, but this was altogether a totally new environment, atleast she thought to herself, ‘I Am not alone’, for there were stillbillions of further particles of wet furthermore it seemed destined for thisnew and outlandish travels What is to become of me the grain of watersaid to herself as yet another gust of wind carried her higher still

Beforetoo long, she happened to bump into another atom of bedew andtogether they held hands and talked about their companion journeys andhow they had got to where they were now, it felt sake all of a suddennot to be so alone, so they made a protocol to try to bump into as manyother helpful looking particles of water, for it felt as though atleast, in the safety of numbers, they might at least defy this everincreasing upward promote that they were dormant experiencing, in the hopethat one day, they might reasonable be able to find their routine home again, tothe ocean which was now way, fashion unbefitting them

In the extremely fardistance hurricane clouds were brewing and as the day went by, they weredrifting ever closer to their apportion position, colossal in the sky By nowtheir unit had swelled to a remarkably sake number of them all holdinghands together so that they did not avoid any one of their fellowparticles of wet Suddenly the gale way was upon them and theyheld hands ever tighter than before, grouping themselves together sothat they formed by now a tiny droplet of water.

The cyclone wasnow company speed, rushing westwards and within several hours theysaw berth ahead Some of the supplementary particles of soak in the big oceanhad told them about this odd substance called land and the storiesshared had always been moderately fantastic, so although with a littletrepidation and uneasy they anticipated a substantial occurrence ahead, onewhich they all knew individually one day they too would be sharing withother particles of irrigate in the ocean, which was now starting to recedeas they crossed over onto the accommodate mass itself The droplet of waterall the while had been growing larger and larger in size and they couldsee now that many more particles of wet had had exactly the sameidea and were all now gathered together in seldom clumps bouncing andswirling around on the the swirls and rushes of wind which envelopedthem. In detail there was totally the company atmosphere and everyone wasimmensely enjoying themselves.

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On and on they flew over the landcrossing prime the coastal cities sitting on their rivers, up up andaway they continued, the rolling aspect underneath in all it’s shades ofcolor, never had they all experienced object so exciting as this Upahead they could now see on the horizon a row of redoubtable mountainsSuddenly they realised reasonable how many of them there were in this singledroplet of wet and how bulky all of a sudden they were You couldcertainly see them now with the naked eye and it was acceptance fresh andmore heavy for them to stay airborne

Before they knew it,they were remedy on boon of the mountain range, when suddenly withoutwarning a huge clap of din thundered all around them, forming everydroplet of dampen tremble and quaver excitedly, when suddenly, slowly atfirst and then faster and faster they felt themselves falling towardsthe landmass far below.

Faster and faster they went, tumblingover and over and every fresh droplet of water around them was doingthe identical Without warning they were amend on peak of the stack whenPlop! – they connected with it and instantly prodigal in manydifferent directions All the particles of bedew were highly surprisedby the experience but at least the surface upon which they all nowfound themselves was wet, so they passive had a remarkably sake viewpoint aboutthe journey in bob of them. Slowly and surely, they felt themselvesstill being haggard on downwards Thankfully they had all landed on arather sociable looking trivial tree, on one of it’s leaves in fact, sosliding over the surface of the leaf, they approached the boundary andagain felt themselves falling, only this time, not so far, for the nextleaf under them caught them safely where they thereupon habitual thisseveral times, landing at last on the legitimate surface of the earth, andit actually felt very behalf Calling goodbye to the tree and sayingthank you for being so benign they now slid across the surface of this’thing’ that they had heard was called the ground, arriving shortly ina trifling puddle of water, where much to their delight, all the otherparticles of irrigate with which they had common their trip so far,were now in, with just the last few particles arriving.

Allaround it was idle raining thumping heavily and already many otherparticles of wet were far ahead of them down below on themountainside, grouping themselves once again together in littlerivulets and then tiny streams and then bigger streams and furtherahead still, even greater torrents of water.

The puddle by nowwas really acceptance wholly full, so joining together again, the dropletformed it’s previous friendship with as many more particles as theycould marshal and they started to shake towards the boundary of the puddleWith a sudden swoosh they went over the border to begin the mammoth waterroller coaster excursion of their lives

Somewhere below, the firsttorrents of soak were now really gushing at perfect pelt, stirring up therocks which too were starting to tumble all around them in the samedirection Such was the compel of the bedew at this point, that somerocks were now becoming dislodged from the bedrock upon which they hadbeen attached to for a uncommonly want time, and along with them, one smallnugget suddenly felt itself being forced away from it’s mother and thisrock seemed to glow that much brighter than all the other rocks aroundit. Down and down supplementary the nugget was forced to go and fashion abovehim, another droplet of dampen was experiencing alike emotions Sometime passed, many hours in reality and eventually the extremely massive rainstarted to difficulty off, however, on the ground, all was idle a extraordinary greatturmoil, as everyone seemed to keep the alike purpose, which was to getas far down as possible

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The infrequently gold nugget eventually cameto a delay in a moderately perilous location, caught by a tiny projectionof rock He surveyed the outlook flying ended him. Billions of dropletsof irrigate rushing past, now and again lifting him slightly, before hisweight conquered the obligate and he settled backwards again into hisresting nook The wet was acceptance stronger all the situation though andhe knew that eventually he would be lifted out again and most likelywould perpetuate his onward travels to the valley below

A roaringnoise assailed him impartial a few minutes second from other up themountainside. Lo and behold it was the droplet of dampen now rushingdownwards with an even mightier force of twin droplets, whensuddenly the two came outside to guise for the very boon time. Bang! ‘Ohhello’, oral the droplet diving underneath the nugget of gold, and withanother sudden whoosh, the gold nugget felt itself finally lifted up,over the border of the infrequently projection of rock which hither-to-fore hadbeen holding him back and together they bounced and swirled downwards,finally reaching the valley pave The gold nugget was ever so thankfulto the droplet of water for depositing him in such a still and peacefullooking atom and he settled back into his new home, resting placeChecking that he was ok, the droplet swirled around in the chaos a fewtimes, each occasion short by the gold nugget and vocation out, checkingto see that all was well On the end go around, they called out toeach other and bade their goodbye’s as the droplet joined the riverwhich was now motion additional slowly downstream

Meanwhile somewherefar away, another beautiful happening was unfolding. A handsome young manwas down on one knee and proverb item to a gorgeous looking lady

Onand on the droplet of irrigate journeyed, until eventually after thepassage of entirely some time, it felt itself tasting salt again and knewinstantly that by now it must be extraordinary close to the ocean once more

Thenugget of gold was pleasantly grateful with his new surroundings too,the sunlight sparkled like a million diamonds above him and all aroundhim were alike rarely tiny nuggets of gold unbiased like him The weekspassed into months, the seasons changed, the wet sort rose once morefor a few months until once again, they dropped and their was a faintdiscernible difference in the temperture of the water. It was springand then summer all over again

Bouncing along the lane in hisfour wheel drive meanwhile, a descendants handsome man was overdue the wheelon one of his many expeditions into this ration of the county to prospectfor gold He had already enjoyed quite a few successful seasons and washoping that today too, he could turn up a decent yield of gold for thesurprise flair he was hoping to donate to his girlfriend, to whom he wasnow engaged Upon arriving in a beautiful and serene thumping peacefulspot, he bad off the track, parked up and started to pull out hisgold prospecting equipment

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He was grateful that by now, withseveral seasons experience overdue him, that he had a few, remarkably goodlightweight equipment that he knew would support him in his pursuit for goldHe had a trick up his sleeve too, the gold that he found today, was togo with other gold that he had found on previous gold prospectingtrips, and via a jeweler craftsman fellow of a friend, he was going tohave this made into a remarkably beautiful matrimonial ring, with which to marryhis girlfriend. She would see it for the thumping blessing case on the actualwedding day Without fresh ado, he crystallize to work, setting up theequipment and started the enjoyable experience of looking for goldusing his sluice and panning equipment

As the day was represantation toa close, he belief he would try unbiased one more dab about fifty feetaway from where he was presently toiling away.

The nugget of goldsaw the shadow best above the surface of the water recipience closer andcloser and once again a warm glowing opinion came over him as he sensedwith a shade of excitement that the subsequent finger of his trek wasabout to begin

This successors companion moved closer with article in hishand, a enthusiasm tubular tool Suddenly this was redress on finest of thenugget of gold and with sizeable dumbfound he felt himself being sucked upout of his lovely resting place and together with further silt and tinystones and sludge, being conveyed towards the bank, whereupon he wasput through several processes which involved being swirled around in apan. After a uncommonly concise while, there was less humidify in the pan thanbefore and then suddenly with a whoop of joy, the man saw for the veryfirst occasion the rarely nugget of gold, knowing instantly that he now hadenough for his gold sphere Hooray! he thought, talking to himself abouthow he would posses the ball designed

So this is what is to becomeof me the gold nugget said to himself, I am to become a gold weddingring, well, what finer privilege could I hold than to assistance this kindman portion his feelings with the peeress of his dreams. What a beautiful body Iam to become a ration of and to think, everyone consign applaud me for somany years to come, what could be a further beautiful destiny?

Themonths passed by, the seasons came and went, the years rolled along andthe gold nugget was extremely happy. He loved his new home, he loved what hestood for, he loved the fact that he was slice of a number of eternallove and affection between two such thumping special kinsfolk Years rolledinto decades and everything was extraordinary good

As if it wasyesterday, the couple walked along by the shore of the ocean, stillholding hands, arms gently swinging, vocabulary about their life so fartogether Still remarkably much in love, it was their halcyon weddinganniversary Fingers joined, entwined together in love the hardly goldnugget could not be happier. The sun was warm and everything felt sovery behalf Laughingly the pair kicked off their sandals and walkedtogether, the waves now and again rushing up to greet their toesscrunching into the delicate palmy sands They embraced, her handcaressing his warm facial features, the gold ring glistened in the sun,a insignificant indicate crashed at their feet as they kissed and a tiny droplet ofwater flew upwards through the melody and landed on her third finger ontoher gold marriage ring. Everything had come around once again, fullcircle